Postcards from Venice Biennale 2018

Posted on September 29 2018

Postcards from Venice Biennale 2018

Postcards from the Venice Biennale 2018

Architecture + Dreams

We set our sights on the Architettura 2018 and the 76th Venice Film Festival this year.What better way to break in our new Traveller Throw than to try her out on the town.

The Biennale Architettura is a bi-annual event on even years only, trading off with Art. We took our newest creation, the Camille Traveller Throw to visit some of the sights. She loved the Giardini public Gardens, and the creations of worship and sanctuary as Freespaces of reflection.

Water. Light.

Venezia, we celebrate you, and will be back again soon. 


The TREE OF LIFE (xtended cut) directed by the marvelous Terrence Malick moved us so much as a celebration of  the roots of family love that go so, so , so deeeeeep. It moved us.