Our Story

I started JG SWITZER in 2018 with an idea to make the most beautiful and artful blankets in the world. Since then, so many fellow “blanket people” have quietly shared their treasures, sometimes in whispers. Sewn into wedding gowns, given as gifts, we bond over our loved items. The first year I launched LEGENDS blankets, I got a call on the main line from a woman having a “blanket emergency” hoping we were open. She needed a good blanket to steer her through a rough, second round of chemotherapy. Many have shared stories.

I have always believed that creating and gifting beauty is an act of love. With that in mind, every JG SWITZER piece is handmade and thoughtfully crafted to weather the beautiful storm of life with you or a loved one.

- Jessica Switzer Green, Artist & Owner


At JG SWITZER, we celebrate craftsmanship and handmade artistry.

Women owned and operated, all JG SWITZER products are designed, crafted, or finished at our workshop located in wild West Sonoma County in Northern California. Nestled in a village of artisan makers called The Barlow in Sebastopol, just 45 minutes north of San Francisco. Our little wool workshop is a retail store, a small showroom, one of our places of making and production, and a creative space where all are welcome.

Nowhere Else in the World

We started with blankets. Four-inches of silk, Now Voyager and Emilie LEGENDS blanket borders are lovingly designed in-house, all limited editions. Most JG SWITZER items are designed by us or for us, sources carefully from 100% natural materials, we value old mills, and natural-made fibers.

Every inch painted by hand, HERITAGE SHEEP felted wool collections and our felted wool Fabrics for the design trade is artful wool.

Seriously sewn, hand tailored, bespoke dyes, and custom pieces and designs found nowhere else in the world.

Nature Makes It Best

Natural fibers are the finest fibers in the world. Healthy against the skin. Made by nature, they return easily to nature, but not until after many, many years of enjoyment by us humans, since natural fibers outlast most synthetics. All JG SWITZER pieces are made of natural fibers, and they always will be. We are devoted to the finest: wool, silk, linen, cashmere, organic cotton, mohair and alpaca.

Painting With Wool

To create the signature JG SWITZER artisan felted wool fabric, Jessica pioneered a process we call "Painting With Wool", where we play with nature’s palette of plant dyed, undyed, and 20+ types of raw fleeces to create a new form from an old material.

As all painters do, Jessica starts with a wool “canvas.” Her painter’s palette are 20+ local and Heritage breed sheep that act as our “paint”. After painting with wool, we run it through a repurposed, industrial felting machine we call “Luna” to felt the wool varieties together and non woven textile.

Meet Our Flock

JG SWITZER is a proud member of our local Fibershed, a non-profit organization that "develops regional fiber systems that build ecosystem and community health." As a Producer Member, we're able to source up to 90% of our wool from within a 100-mile radius of the workshop. Sourcing and process, lifecycle and loyalty to the regenerative powers of natural fibers move us every day, and we want to share it with you. We even have our own "Shop Sheep," our farm-happy flock of Wensleydales and Romneys who are sheared in the Spring.

To learn more about Fibershed or support their mission, visit their site.

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