Our Story

Nature Makes it Best

Natural Fibers are the finest fibers in the world. Healthy against the skin. Made by nature, they return easily to nature, but not until after many, many years of enjoyment by us humans, since natural fibers can last longer than most synthetics. All JG SWITZER pieces are made of natural fibers, and they always will be. We are devoted to the finest: wool, silk, linen, cashmere, cotton and hemp.


We started with a desire to create the most beautiful blankets in the world.

We hope you agree, that creating and gifting beauty is an act of love. We start from the finest “ingredients” available, with wool from one of the oldest operating mills in England that carries a Royal Warrant for supplying interior fabrics to Windsor Castle. We mill some of our soon-to-release collection right here in our design workshop, where everything is designed, cut and sewn by hand.

Our quest will be constant. To provide you and the generations that follow you with hand-tailored, custom designed, artfully sourced fine fiber blankets and bedding pieces.

Our debut LEGENDS COLLECTION blankets are named after my own beautiful, grown children, Henry, Ava and Camille.

Blanket the World with Beauty



We mill some of our pieces in house. For the Legends Collection, we work with an 18th century mill in England.