Buying Guide


Our LEGENDS COLLECTION blankets are born of beauty and they know it, so they are happiest when not hiding under a comforter.  They show best as a bed cover, and you can tuck them in, if you must.

Unforbidden Furs look best folded at base of any King or Queen bed, or can be used as bed cover for a Queen bed.  The fur throws are also happy pieces on any furnishings, chair or couch. Please refer to our Care Guide for more info on cleaning. 

  • Unforbidden Fur Silk Lined Blankets are sized at 75” x 95” and can be impressive bed covers on a Queen, providing plenty of coverage as a top layer cover, or layered as an oversize Throw for a King. They are lined with 100% pure silk charmeuse and 100% cotton interlining. 
  • The Unforbidden Fur Throws ( 76" x 55" ) are lovely over a chair, or at the foot of a Queen bed.  For King sized bed throws, we suggest the larger blanket instead. Toscana Sheep Throw Unlined is approximately 75"x50" but exact cust can vary by 1-2 inches on any side.
  • Our LEGENDS Traveller Throws are designed with multiple uses in mind, and can be used on bedding, often at foot of bed as a final layer.  LEGENDS Traveller Throws are named "Travellers" for a reason. Traveller throws come in a carrying bag for easy transport or storage. Traveller Throws work well on your bed or over a chair or couch, and as accent pieces anywhere at home. LEGENDS throws are 45”x 90” and Forbidden Fur throws are larger, 76"x 55.”
  • King in LEGENDS is a generous 110”x100” and is intended to provide just over a foot of drape on both sides of a standard King (which is 76”w x 80”h) and plenty of room to tuck on at foot, if desired.
  • Queen standards = 60’w x 80”h, so a LEGENDS blanket at 90”x100” should provide plenty of room for drape – about 15” or a bit over a each side, and and plenty of woven blanket to tuck if desired.


    All of our pillows come with a duck feather/duck down insert 90/10% feather to down.

    • Square pillows (24”x24”) are designed to accompany bedding by serving as a backdrop of final set of pillows for any bed. The versatile square shape also allows the pillows to work well elsewhere in the home, on couches, chairs, etc. A King or Queen looks best with 2-3 of the square pillows across the head.
    • Body pillow (16” x 48”) is designed to provide a King or Queen bed with a single bolster, finished look. These rectangle pillows are generously sized to accommodate King, Queen and Cal King.
    • Inserts: Our pillows are provided with the finest duck fill (90% duck feathers/10% duck down) inserts, but can be requested without if you prefer your own inserts.
    • Zippers: all pillows in LEGENDS AND UNFORBIDDEN FUR are intended to be removed for cleaning or replacement of inserts, and are made with zippers sewn discreetly.
    • Please refer to our Care Guide for more info on cleaning.

    Blankets vs Duvets

    Q: to duvet or not to duvet? It is highly liberating to cast off your duvet or comforter and sleep entirely under wool.  Colder climates may require more than one blanket, but you should be fine in a well heated home with 1-2 wool blankets and a throw (just in case).