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Care Guide


JG Switzer Blankets, Throws, and Pillows

CARE:  We recommend Dry Cleaning Only for our wool and fur blankets, pillows and throws.

MAINTENANCE: Being a natural fiber, wool is wonderful at keeping itself clean and does not need to be cleaned frequently.


To stay moth free, wool blankets can be regularly shaken and hung to air, especially before and after being stored. We recommend using lavender sachets or making a combination of three essential oils: rosemary, lavender and lemon and then using a dropper, add a few drops every month or so to a cotton ball or two and store it close to your wool. Lavender is a natural moth repellant. We can not, in good conscience, recommend moth balls due to contents and odor.

Keeping everything clean is essential. Many stains can be removed by gently removing excess dirt with a soft brush (usually sold at fabric stores), rinsing the stain with cold water – spot cleaning and airing to dry. Use gentle and mild soap to spot clean, such as Eucalan, Zero or Woolite, and a little goes a long way

STORAGE: Before storing blankets, give them a good shake to rid them of any excess particles or dust and have them professionally dry cleaned. Store in a cool, dry place. Wool does NOT like damp or overly hot storage. Blankets should be folded with no weight on top of them.


CAREFur blankets must be cleaned by a fur specialist or a dry cleaner that has expertise in fur. Ideally, bring all fur to a furrier who knows how to properly clean a fur blanket. For stains or spot treatments, use a soft sponge or clothe and wipecarefully using a small amount of gentle detergent such as Zero, Eucalan or Woolite. Air dry the damp spot.

MAINTENANCE: Shake occasionally to remove particles and excess dirt. Do not vacuum or brush fur. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible since too much light can cause fur to oxidize and change color.

STORAGE: If six months or more, it is best to store at a furrier for the best humidity and temperature. At home, find a dry, cool place. Hang on wooden hangers or store in a cotton or linen breathable storage container.