How should I wash my blankets?

We can only recommend Dry Cleaning Only for our blankets, throws and pillows. Wool has antimicrobial properties, and is wonderful at keeping itself clean, so it does not need to be cleaned frequently. Forbidden Fur must be cleaned by a fur specialist. 

Spot cleaning for fur and wool is often fine as long as your touch is gentle and your use of detergent is too (Zero, Eucalan or Woolite). 

How often should I dry-clean my blankets?

We recommend a 1x year dry cleaning if needed.

How should I store wool and fur blankets?

Wool likes moderate to low temperature, and low humidity (40-55%). Do not store wool or fur in a damp or tightly packed area. For fur, never store in a sealed plastic bag, as fur likes to breathe. For this reason, we ship our pieces in custom designed, cotton-only storage bags. We have had the plastic and laminate inserts removed so you can use our shipping bags as long-term storage. We suggest taking wool and fur bedding out for a good “shaking down” every few months and look it over for any signs of moths or damage. 

Do I need to worry about moths for wool products?

Moths are always a concern, and it is far better to prevent them than treat for them. We recommend using lavender sachets and /or cedar chips.  

Should I use moth balls? How can I prevent moths?

You can make a household mix using one third of each, mixture of three essential oils: lavender, lemon and rosemary. Hang or store near but not on blankets. You can always drop oils onto a cotton ball and hang from a sachet in your storage area. Moth traps can help inform you if you have any problems, and if all else fails, place wool the freezer for 24 hours to kill off any moths.


What sizes should I buy for a Queen bed?

Our Queen measures 90x100”/230x255cm  and should fit a UK Full with about 20” to spare on either side, enough to be tucked in or draped from a platform bed.

What size should I buy for a King?

The King is 100x110”/255x280cm and is made to be “tuckable” on a standard King.  A California King should fit fine, but not all beds are created equal.  We suggest you check your measurements prior to ordering to avoid any disappointing misfits.


Do you sell product in any retail store?

Not yet. JG Switzer products are only available Direct-to-Consumer via our online store at www.jgswitzer.com. We have plans to offer select products to a premier group of stores we feel are aligned with our aesthetic and commitment to fine fibers and lasting, heirloom quality goods.

What if I change my order?

Let us know as quickly as possible 707-244-3330 or Email: service@jgswitzer.com. If we can’t change your order, we will honor our 30-day return policy.

Can I return or exchange my order?

We will certainly honor a 30-day return policy from date of purchase for full refund or store credit as long as the product has not been used and no tags have been removed. Due to the nature of fine bedding products, we regret we can not offer a refund if the product has been used, unless it is damaged in some way.  

Can I place a custom order?

Please call or email for more information. Email: service@jgswitzer.com or 707 244 3330.

How long will it take to ship?

We try to have product in stock at all times, but some pieces may be made on demand depending on orders, and so we ask for your patience.  Please plan on 4-6 weeks but we will try to expedite if the item is a gift/special occasion or in stock. If this is a rush order, let us know and we will do everything in our power to push your order out the door. You can always call us to check at 707 244 3330.

If I order a Gift Certificate can my recipient exchange it for a full refund?

No. Our apologies, there are no refunds on gift certificates, but they are honored one year after purchase on any item we sell.