Gift Certificates

JG Switzer pieces make extraordinary gifts for that very special occasions. Your recipient will receive a special, hand written gift message. Every blanket ships with a specially designed, blanket storage bag as our gift to you, made to fit your fur or wool blanket. We will wrap this up with a ribbon and small gift.

We can gift wrap pillows as well, no problem.

Please purchase your gift amount, and we will send you an email with a special code that you can forward to the lucky recipient - or you can choose to have us send it directly to them. Click here to choose the amount you would like to gift.

Let us know if you need anything to personalize the gift. Your recipient should LOVE it —something really special.

Gift Card purchases are non refundable but can be used up to one year. We release new collections twice a year. Thank you for gifting the most beautiful bedding in the world.

Blanket the World with Beauty.