How We Make Exceptional Bedding

Finest of Fibers

We started with the best.

Luxurious blends of Lambswool and Cashmere comprise our heirloom Legends Collection. We strive to optimize performance without compromising on softness.

Every JG Switzer product is, and will always be, 100% natural fibers, sourced the world over to be the very best. We are convinced that nature provides everything we humans need, and we remain in awe at the qualities of wool and silk.

Know your Momme.

Momme, (abbreviated “mm”, and pronounced “Moe-mie”) is a Japanese form of weight measurement as it applies to the weight of a 45” piece of silk by 100 yards.

A 100 yard bolt of our 19mm silk would weighs 19 pounds, and is chosen for its longevity and ability to withstand daily use and regular laundering.

Our 19mm silk, sourced from Asia is considered the highest quality weighty silk charmeuse for blanket finishes and pillow fabric, and is always 100% pure, natural silk that comes from the spinning of the silk worm cocoons.

High Grade Silk

Old World Mills

JG Switzer products are milled in a century’s old tradition.

Legends Collection blankets are woven at an English mill established in 1783 by a family that has known their fine fibers for many generations.

The mill carries a Royal Warrant for supplying interior fabrics to Windsor Castle and they have provided their woollen cloth for costumes to productions such as Harry Potter and Titanic. Our mill bespoke dye some of our Legends collection to make them exclusive to us.

Some wool is milled in our very own design workshop, in West Sonoma county, USA, California, where we have lots of fun milling our own fabric and designing and sewing it into pieces we hope you will delight your nest.

All of our fur product in the Forbidden Fur Collection are upcycled “leave-behind” pieces from an Italian glove and leather company that have been carefully patched together to create a luxurious and seamless piece designed to our specifications.

We use only ethically sourced fibers that meet our sustainability and “harm free” treatment of animals criteria.

Upcycled Fur

Artful Designs

Borrowing from an Old European workshop concept bringing craftspeople and artisans under one roof, we have been deeply touched by the famous Viennese Wierner Werkstatte, founded in 1903.

JG Switzer has brought together pattern designers and color forecasters to design our own one-of-a-kind silk fabric to frame our Heirloom blankets in the Legends Collection.

While harder to design in-house, it is more rewarding to craft and design from scratch, and so we custom design our very own prints and patterns, which means you won’t find an original JG Switzer unless it carries our label.