Wool & Pet Lint Brush

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Please expect 2-4 weeks for hand sewn items to be delivered.

Hand-made in Germany.  Perfect for both cleaning pets hair and removing lint your JG wool pieces. Available in a smaller or large size. It makes cleaning fun!  NATURAL LINT MAGNET: Great for everyday cleaning of your favorite fabrics; regular brushing removes lint, fuzz, dust and hair from sweaters, shirts, towels and more
STRONG RUBBER BRISTLES: Naturally durable rubber takes on a static charge through brushing and easily attracts small fibers and particles; cleans gently but thoroughly
BEAUTIFUL HANDCRAFTED BEECHWOOD: Handle made from all-natural oiled beechwood; highly resistant to wear and tear and durable enough for daily use
BETTER THAN A LINT ROLLER: A sustainable alternative to disposable sticky rollers; lint deposited on rubber surface can be easily removed by hand or under running water
CARE: For maintenance, rinse with water; towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry; made in Germany.

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