Ziggy Chair in White Fur Fabric

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Please expect 2-4 weeks for hand sewn items to be delivered.
Matte Black


The Ziggy Chair is a solid metal steel frame offered in matte  black and is the perfect showcase for JG SWITZER's upcyclced fur fabric. 

Made from upcycled fur from glove factory remnants. Please inquire about other fabrics if desired.

The felted fabric will pill with use, and as a natural fiber, may have variations. 

Dimensions: 28" x 30" D x 32" H with 17.5" seat depth.

Shipping prices are available upon request and not included in purchase price. White-Glove Delivery is available in some locations. We do not ship outside the USA.

The chair will have a unique design, and will be similar to the one shown but not an exact match due to differences in natural fiber felted fabric. Picture approval required before shipment. 

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