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Artistry & Manufacturing

All Natural Felted Wool Fabrics

Custom Fabrics

We Make Our Own Fabric

We "paint" with wool using different breeds of sheep, a method we innovated.

Made and Milled in California

From Local Fibershed and Heritage Breed Sheep

Ancient Fiber, Modern Context


Artistry + Manufacturing in One Workshop. Studio Ahead Applique fabric created for their new collection this Fall.

Custom Art Installations

The Loom

We call her Luna.

Luna has 10,000 felting needles.

A needle punch process sews the wool fibers together. This is aided by the scales and composition of wool, which loves to adhere itself.

Wonderful Wool

Wool is anti microbial, fire resistant, it wicks water away from surfaces, absorbs sound, is long lasting and it is a and resilient fiber.

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Trade Contacts: trade@jgswitzer.com

or call TRADE HOTLINE (707) 780-0032

You can also sign up for more information about fabrics for the trade and custom design work. Trade only inquiries please.

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