Pictorial Stag Head Pillow Felted Wool, Brown Leather Back

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Please expect 2-4 weeks for hand sewn items to be delivered.


The stag head pillow is a true piece of one-of-a-kind, functional art. Each color is hand laid to “paint” the stag on each pillow and then felted in place. Backed in brown leather.

Measures: 24” by 24”. Each pillow is custom fit with a removable, 90% duck feather, 10% duck down insert. Other animals by special request.

Part of the Heritage sheep line, the stag head pillow directly supports local California ranchers and heritage breed sheep. JG Switzer works with ranchers to create an avenue for coarse wool by purchasing wool directly from the flock. Utilizing American infrastructure, the wool is processed and turned into batting which is utilized as the felted wool canvas in all Heritage Sheep products.

To source the fiber, JG Switzer works with small, often family owned farms to and sources Heritage Breed sheep wool. Heritage Breed sheep are the domestic animal equivalent of the endangered species list. Due to the rise of industrial agriculture, these species have faced extinction. JG Switzer creates product via the heritage sheep line, encouraging a market for Heritage Breed wool to save these rare animals.

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