Cats Go Catnip Crazy for Wool

Posted on June 28 2019

Cats Go Catnip Crazy for Wool

The Back Story

JG SWITZER was prototyping a format, 100% wool home rug, so we brought a few samples home to wash and test them, and set them on the dining room table. What happened next was a surprise. Our cats started fighting over them. The winner, Diego, started rolling around on his cat pad. He looked like he was smitten with Catnip. No joke. We have video to prove it. 
Many cat blankets later, rugged trials with washing and mixed use, it turns out the kitties still love the smell and feel of natural wool. It’s like one big, mommy kitty.
This kitty throw is made from a mix of local, Northern California and Heritage Breed sheep wool, considered at risk by the Livestock Conservancy.  Your interest helps support small flocks and their farmers. 


All of our creations are part of a grand experiment to release more artful beauty into the world. Your suggestions and requests will be taken seriously, and we welcome them.