"Women's Work" Celebrates the Craft of 12 Female Artists, Curated By Salon Design Owner Amanda Pratt

Posted on March 13 2024

"Women's Work" Celebrates the Craft of 12 Female Artists, Curated By Salon Design Owner Amanda Pratt
      In honor of National Women's History Month, we want to spotlight Salon Design Founder Amanda Pratt's new show, "Women's Work". Curated by Pratt, the show features a diverse body of work from 12 female artists, celebrating traditional craft techniques that have been historically overlooked by the fine art establishment. “Women’s Work” explores the effect of technological innovation in the use of traditional craft as a means expressing the female experience.
      Women's Work is currently open to the public at The Robert Lehman Art Center at Brooks School, from February 23 through April 27, 2024.
      The show features a new piece by JG SWITZER Founder and Artist, Jessica Switzer Green. Below is her Artist's Statement and images of the wondrous tree that inspired her.


DIMENSIONS: 7’ H x 4.5’ W

"We are lucky enough to have about a dozen 80-100-year old Gravenstein Apple trees on our farm. Miraculously, while completely hollow inside, these trees continue to bear an abundance of fruit every summer. Can you imagine if we women could bear children at 100 years of age?  My mother wasn’t alive when the orchard was planted, yet these trees today bring us Apples for cider, pies, and food for deer, migrating and nesting hungry birds, sheep, donkeys and other wildlife.

This year, in early February, one of my favorite trees keeled over during a crazy, windy storm. I was trying to connect to “her" during the making of HOLLOW, BUT MIRACULOUSLY I BEAR FRUIT.

I was so sad to lose another one, but wanted to celebrate her life, caught in the middle of grief and appreciation. I thought of what she would dream of, if she thought of her friends nearby in the Spring exploding in blossoms like her, if she had memories, or a place to rest after life. 

This textile is felted mostly from my flock of Wensleydales and Romney sheep that ate her apples and grazed under her branches on our farm.  A small, human attempt to celebrate her life, and honor her passing."

Jessica Switzer Green, Artist & Founder of JG SWITZER

The tree that inspired Jessica's work.

Images from the show featuring the work of Sina Dyks, Jessica Switzer Green, Pernille Snedker Hansen, Brit Kleinman, Sam Klemick, Rosie Li, Manon Steyaert, Elisa Strozyk x Sarah Lee, Fernanda Pompermayer, Christina Watka and Kajsa Willner.

See the show in person:
The Robert Lehman Art Center at Brooks School
1160 Great Pond Road • North Andover, MA • 01845 www.brooksschool.org/arts/lehman-art-center
February 23 through April 27, 2024
For more information on the show or the piece by Jessica Switzer Green, contact us at (707) 244-3330 or service@jgswitzer.com.