Behold Beauty in a Blanket: The Now Voyager, a Bespoke Luxury Blanket

Posted on March 26 2019

Now Voyager luxury throw blanket in blanket on a bed with sunlight coming in from the windows.

Recent Customer Reviews:


"A forever blanket!"

"I’ve had many fabulous throws, cashmere, fur—but the Now Voyager Traveler blanket is my favorite ever. The elegant Art Nouveau style caught my eye - and the design combining the softest wool/cashmere with the four inch charmeuse border with the stripes and Jugendstil roses - It’s perfect. I love curling up with it, and it drapes beautifully over the couch, adding a bit of old world glamour to any room. Love it!" 


Now Voyager luxury throw blanket in white below, with another now voyager luxury throw blanket in champagne beige covering above.

~ Photo features Now Voyager in White and Champagne


"Beautiful and Practical the Now Voyager doesn't disappoint!"

“You have to feel this beautiful blanket! It's soft, warm, and luxurious. The silk charmeuse border is gorgeous. I’ve had other blankets, but there's just nothing better than being wrapped up in my Now Voyager! I am beyond happy with my purchase. Worth every penny.”


Now Voyager luxury travel throw blanket in black hanging on a scenic balcony during a travel to Venice

~ Photo features Now Voyager in Black

Art Deco is back with our in-house designed, rose-bordered 100% Silk Charmeuse framed Now Voyager luxury blanket. She's a blend of the finest 15% Cashmere with 85% Lambswool. Milled in one of the oldest operating mills in England since 1783 that holds a Royal Warrant to Windsor Castle.

Now Voyager luxury wool blanket in champagne beige blow with another now voyager luxury throw blanket in white above on a beautiful bed

~ Photo features Now Voyager in Champagne and White


Finished and framed in our signature four-inch, 100% pure, natural silk charmeuse, 19mm. Hand-sewn, mitered corners means each piece has its own unique character.

The Now Voyager Luxury Blanket is available in Black, White, Champagne - in King Size, Queen Size and as a Traveller Throw.

Now Voyager luxury travel blanket in black hanging in the balcony in Venice with it's golden silk borders beaming in the sunlight.

Now Voyager luxury throw blanket in white lying folded with rose motif pure silk border

Now Voyager luxury throw blanket in champagne beige lying folded with signature gold rose motif borders.

Inspiration behind Now Voyager luxury blanket - scene from movie of same name with Bette Davis and Paul Henreid

Inspired by our favorite Bette Davis and Paul Henreid movie of unrequited love, Now Voyager. Oh, that scene with the blanket... 


What Makes JG Switzer Blankets Amongst the Best in the World?


Luxury throw blankets - Hollywood Ava in white and Now Voyager in black hanging from a stand in a beautiful house in Venice


Fine Fibers. We mill much of our product in-house and source only the finest of fleeces from the world’s most esteemed mills.

For our Legends Collection of luxury blankets and throws, we work with an exceptional mill in England that has been operating continuously since 1783. This mill carries a Royal Warrant for supplying interior fabrics to Windsor Castle and they have provided their woollen cloth for costumes to productions such as Harry Potter and Titanic. 


The Camille luxury plush blanket -in champagne hanging off a couch - back view and same luxury blanket on bed in distance

~ Photo features The Camille in Champagne


Framed with four inches of 100% Pure, Silk. Beauty is born and frames the borders of our blankets and wraps our pillows with only the softest and purest 100% silk charmeuse in weighty, 19mm.

The JG Signature wrap is the generous 4” silk border that frames all Legends Collection pieces. We know of no other.


now voyager luxury throw blanket in white with rose and gold borders lying on bed with open window in background

~ Photo features Now Voyager in White  


Artful Design. Patterns are designed exclusively by us and are only found in our pieces of luxury bedding.

JG Switzer silk prints will not be found on any other product, and are designed for our pieces only. Our wish is to “Blanket the World with Beauty” by creating artful designs for exceptional beds.


Founder JG Switzer in her workshop in California USA with Now Voyager luxury throw blanket in white wrapped around her

~ Photo courtesy Forbes Magazine


Sewn in-house.  Each of our luxury throws and blankets is tailored with our imprint label, reminiscent of the old European fashion houses.

Every piece is lovingly sewn in California, USA, where we can keep a watchful eye over quality. 


model in bed with hollywood ava luxury blanket in champagne beige

~ Photo features Hollywood Ava in Champagne


Ready to Serve the Nest. For thousands of years, blankets have stood by their humans.

From the practical and invincible wool on the battlefield, to the warm blankets traded at Forts in the New World. We pay homage to the blanket by breaking free of tradition and designing for lightness yet warmth, practicality and beauty.  

black and white photo of man in bed with baby with luxury blankets by JG Switzer
~ Photo features JG Switzer Upcycled Silk Lined Fur Blanket


Made to be passed across generations. As heirlooms, JG Switzer pieces are made to pass from one generation to another. By using only the finest to fibres, fleeces and silks – we can say with confidence ours are amongst the highest quality blankets in the world.