JG Switzer Shop Sheep

Posted on September 13 2018

JG Switzer Shop Sheep

Please meet our shop sheep who keep a close eye on quality and donate their heritage fleeces every year: Victoria, Agatha, Florence, Frizzle, Clarence and Albert.

Scratchy vs Soft: Not your Grandma’s Wool

Once you go with our wool, you won’t go back. At JG Switzer, we take softness seriously.  We use wool from fine fiber sheep from Merino breed in our Heirloom Blankets.  Merinos have a smaller micron count (the diameter of the fiber strand) and that translates to softer feel.  Our blends are sourced from the best in the world, including New Zealand and Australia.  For other wool products, we work with California sheep farmers to cultivate local supplies of fleece for hand’s on relationships.

JG Switzer even has its own “Shop sheep,: loyally donating their fleeces every year.

Merino sheep thrive in colder climates, and have a finer micron count than other breeds.  While Merinos are famous for their “fine-ness,” other sheep such as Romneys and Wensleydale are close runner’s up.  Our wool is sourced from the softest of wool, and we encourage you to try our wool products. In doing so, you support an age-old sheep-cycle of farming, breeding and cultivation of natural fibers.

Let your blanket do the job they were designed to do, keeping you warm on cold nights and cool on warm nights, and when you need to worry, worry instead about your sheets being soft.  That is their job.