Blanket the World with Beauty

Posted on August 22 2018

Blanket the World with Beauty

It’s time to bring back the blanket.

For thousands of years, blankets have stood by their humans, from the practical, invincible wool on the battlefield to the warm blankets traded at Forts in the New World. Wool blankets have insulated people for centuries from heat and protected them from the cold Saharan nights.

It’s time to bring blankets back.

Blankets provide a clean, flat “tucked” feel to a bed.  They are not fussy. They are not fluffy.  They do not need to be inserted into a comforter cover, a tedious process that can drive one to swear like a sailor.  A few good, wool blankets provide layers of warmth that can be peeled off at will, or thrown back over you when the chill from the outside airs blows through your bedroom window at night. One good, wool blanket will stand by you for many generations.

We are obsessed with blankets, so, in 2018 we set out on what we thought was a simple mission: make the most beautiful blanket in the world.  Not so simple.

We did not start with a cost analysis or a marketing plan.  We started with the best wool and wool/cashmere blends in the world from a historic mill.  Bespoke dyes. The very finest of 100% silk charmeuse borders designed in-house in exclusive patterns. Then we had to add 4” of it to frame our blankets.  We even brought production in-house in order to create a carefully tailored piece and keep a watchful eye on quality.

It has not been easy, but it has been incredibly rewarding, and now we present the results with the 2018 debut of JG Switzer’s Fall lineup: LEGENDS and FORBIDDEN FUR. 

In other words, we set out to blanket the world with beauty.  We hope you give them a good home and love them as much as we do.