Travel forth to Kyoto, Japan with JG SWITZER

Posted on June 12 2020

Travel forth to Kyoto, Japan with JG SWITZER
Introducing the Voyager Collection
Travel to bring you Treasures
Last December we visited an esteemed Kimono fabric dealer in Kyoto and selected the most exquisite fabrics for you.
From a remote area of Hyogo prefecture and in the tradition of Tanba cloth, this Kimono- cloth fabric is spun using a traditional spinning wheel, leaving tiny bits of shell and leaf original to the cotton seeds remaining in the fabric. 
We added a whisper of wool detail. This fabric is very rare and in limited supply. We are honored to offer it.
And selected some more cotton fabrics to welcome the warmer weather.
Revelation: Traditional Tea Ceremony is about gratitude. 
18th generation proprietor of Misuyabari aka "SECRET SEWING SHOP" in Kyoto, taken last December during our quest for the ultimate fabrics in Japan. His shop is tiny, with a zen garden in front and it feels like the whole city grew up around this little shop that has serviced kimono tailors for 400 years.
Do you know what your ancestors were doing 18 generations ago?
Lastly, there is nothing more relaxing than dinner in PJs. But the house shoes are not made for Eddie's size 15 feet.

Un-missable is the HOTEL TEN-Yu made the trip with Mountain Views and Hot springs - a seriously amazing highlight and one of those places you stay and feel like crying when it is time to leave. 
“Now Voyager, Sail Forth, 
To seek and find.”
-Walt Whitman